Costs & Finances

   All initial costs are due at the time of registration unless other arrangements have been made with the Scoutmaster.

   Our Treasurer is responsible for all money collected and disbursed by Troop 112.

   All Checks written to Troop 112 are made out to “Troop 112”

Initial Costs include:
  1. Pro-rated BSA registration dues (January-January) Dues includes a subscription to Boy’s Life magazine.
  2. Uniform Accessories: (hat, scarf, slide, necessary patches, Class B T-shirt, and epaulettes)
  3. Scout Handbook (also available at BSA office)
  4. Cost of background check (Adults)

Troop 112 Uniform Collection:

Used uniform items may be purchased from the Troop’s uniform “collection”. These items are sold at ½ the cost of new. When the Scout outgrows the uniform item, the Scout is welcome to trade the item in for a 1:1 trade. If a uniform is damaged and non-serviceable, it is not returnable to the uniform collection. The Scout is asked to purchase a new uniform item for the “½ new” cost. The costs of used uniform items from Troop 112’s collection are: Pants = $ Shorts = $ Class A Shirt = $ Belts w/buckle = $

New Uniforms are available at:

BSA Mountain West Council Office -- (located just east of Maple Grove Road on Franklin Road)
8901 W. Franklin Road
Boise, ID  83709
Phone: (208) 375-7882

  • Uniforms will be clean and serviceable at all times.
  • Entire Class-A Uniform will be worn at all times, unless the Senior Patrol Leader allows Scouts to wear their Class B Uniform.
  • Wearing part of a uniform is not considered appropriate.