Troop 112 places a high value on camping. Camping affords the Scout many different opportunities for personal growth, rank advancement, camping skills and interpersonal development. Because of this high regard for camping, Troop 112 offers at least 12 monthly camp-out opportunities throughout the year. On camp-outs, Scouts can experience all types of weather conditions. Award patches are given to those who strive to participate in all camp-outs. A Scout is always prepared, so how should he prepare?


Troop 112 has determined that all monthly camp-outs will cost $30 for each Scout. This cost covers any reservations required, travel expenses and excursions. This cost does not include the price of Scout meals. For each camp-out, patrols are expected to plan a meal and share the food costs as equitably as possible. It is good to know that the $30 cost generally does not match the actual cost of the camp-out. It is through the added generosity of First Church and various donors that this cost has been able to remain low.

To encourage adult participation, Dads always eat free.


Camp-outs are open to all Scouts with some exceptions:  Some campouts are geared for high adventure, thus, advanced training is required.  Alternate campouts are planned.


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In order to participate in any camp-out, the Scout is required to have these 10-Essentials. Other items may be added to their backpack, but these elements are considered the very minimum requirements for safety and emergency preparedness while camping.

      • Map, Compass, 2 pens and Whistle
      • Waterproof flashlight (extra batteries in a zip-lock bag)
      • Waterproof Matches/Lighter and fire starter in waterproof container
      • First Aid Kit with emergency contacts and allergies
      • Pocket knife or multi-function tool (blade not to exceed 3 inches)
      • Unbreakable water bottle or canteen (full)
      • Trail Food and Snacks (high calorie and high protein mix)
      • Weather Gear: Poncho, hat, sunglasses, Sun Screen (30+ SPF), lib balm, bug spray
      • Duct Tape (ten feet rolled around a pencil)
      • 50 feet of nylon rope


First Aid Kit Contents: 

____ 10 Pain reliever’s ____ 10 Assorted bandages

____ CPR Mouth Mask ____ Moleskin (2, 6”X6” squares)

____ Cotton tape ____ Gauze compress (3, 3”X3” squares)

____ Tweezers ____ Neosporin (Anti-biotic)

____ 2 Safety pins ____ 8 Benadryl Tablets (antihistamine)

Always take your Scout Handbook with you.

  • Have your Scout Handbook available for Advancement signatures. Anticipate possible signature items even before the camp-out.
  • The Scout Handbook is a quick and ready resource for many camp-out adventures and a useful tool in emergencies.

Prescribed Medication: Any medication prescribed to a Scout is to be turned in to adult leadership prior to the activity. Medication will then be dispensed as prescribed. Please provide only enough medication for the activity (plus one day), placed in a zip-locked plastic baggie. Please ensure that the prescribed medication is listed on the Scout’s Medical Information Form.

Each camp-out has a focus (hiking, competition preparation, compass training, etc.) Each of these activities is offered to assist the Scout toward the completion of Advancement requirements.

Large, “full” Back Packs will enable the Scout to pack supplies and hike with his gear to the campsite. A small backpack is valuable as a daypack when the Scout ventures from his main campsite. Because this item costs between $100 and $200, Troop 112 has a few that are available for checking out.

Departure Point: First Church’s Circle Drive, outside the Troop staircase, will be the place of departure and arrival for all Troop activities, unless otherwise planned.