Parent Communications

Google Group:
  • Please provide your best contact email for regular Troop announcements.
  • Google Group is for the dissemination of Troop announcements and communication. It is not appropriate to use contacts for personal or business efforts. At all times, respectful decorum is expected.
  • To Subscribe send an email to:
  • The group is moderated and into be only used for communication with the troop.
  • Everything typed in GoogleGroups is public, so everyone see it.
  • It is not for:† Political, religious, jokes, job opportunities, cartoons.
  • Violators will be only warned 1x and then will be removed.
 Troop Website:
  • Troop web site is designed to be a resource for information and will be updated regularly.
Thatís Whatís Up!!!
  • Weekly Newsletter:
  • All Scouts and Adults are required to sign in and out at each meeting. Upon leaving, they are asked to take a copy of that weekís Thatís Whatís Up!!! Newsletter and asked to share it with his parents. This newsletter offers the latest news and lists upcoming events. If a Scout does not take a Thatís Whatís Up!!! Newsletter, then it is available on the Troop website.
Troop Calendar:
    • This is available in the Troop Room or on the Troop 112 website. The calendar is a firm document, however unexpected situations may rarely cause dates to be changed. If changes do occur, they will be made known on the Troop 112 website and in the Thatís Whatís Up!!! Newsletter.